Fourth Thematic Seminar: “Sustainable Future of the Yacht Sector in Cyprus and the iBLUE Project”

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised the fourth thematic seminar: “Sustainable Future of the Yacht Sector in Cyprus and the iBLUE Project” on 27th June 2018 in Limassol, Cyprus. The event was held in the comfortable meeting room at the Carob Mill Museum.

The first session was opened by Demetra Palaonda, Senior Officer of the Chamber and local responsible for the iBLUE project, who presented the aim of the event and introduced the CCCI President, Christodoulos Angastiniotis, who welcomed all participants and remarked the relevance of iBLUE project results for the local yachting sector.

Following, Natasa Pilides, Deputy Minister of Shipping, discussed about the needs of sustainability in yachting and shipping sector and that the local institutions strongly believe in the iBLUE objectives.

Speakers of the seminar covered a large part of the yacht sector in Cyprus: Maro Kazepi, from Cyprus Tourism Organisation, talked about the special interest tourism sector highlighting the importance of yachting within this; Kyriakos Kofteros, Deputy Ministry of Shipping, discussed about the new bill to be introduced in Cyprus on pleasure crafts; Markellos Markides, Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, gave an overview presentation of the Cypriot yachting  infrastructure focusing on marinas. At the end, Andreas Christodoulides, from Limassol Marina, presented the sustainable future of the yacht sector in Cyprus as seen from the viewpoint of the largest marina on the island.

During the second session of the thematic seminar, the local disseminative presentation of iBLUE and InnoBLueGrowth projects took place.

First of all, the Blue Growth Community was presented by Styliani Florou, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, partner of InnoBLueGrowth Horizontal Project. She presented the blue growth community and its aim: to create synergies and capitalize results among modular projects in order to spread the knowledge and create new opportunities of research and development.

Following, the Project Manager from UNIUD, Elisabetta Ocello, presented the project with general objectives and results achieved till June 2018. Furthermore, she presented the forthcoming activities of the project, with a special focus on the pilot case actions that will need the active participation of local SMEs. The Project Manager, together with Demetra Palaonda, invited SMEs to apply as candidates for the pilot case.

The presentation of the project was followed by the speech of Lucia Cicero, member of the Scientific Staff (University of Udine). She presented the concept and the philosophy of the business model methodology studied during the first phase of the project and some best practices from the yachting sector considering the three pillars of sustainability (economic, social, environmental) through two specific presentations. The first one, “Applying the 3-Pillar Business Model on the Yacht Sector”, introduced specifically the methodology developed by the project, illustrating the step-by-step procedure that the scientific team of the project has implemented so far. The adoption of the Business Model Canvas and of the Resources-Processes-Values Framework has been revised in order to match both frameworks with a sustainable perspective according to the three pillars (economic, environmental, social). The second presentation, “SME Best Practices in the Yacht Sector”, had the goal to inform the audience on two best practices. By presenting real cases of the service and marina sectors, it was possible to revise critically their strengths in terms of sustainable business models.

Overall, the audience showed great interest in the iBlue project activities while they engaged in active discussion with the speakers, exchanging also ideas on various aspects including the business model methodology and the blue growth community.