iBLUE: a plan for project results transferability

One of the deliverable of WP5 Transferring of iBLUE project was a “Plan for results portability” for promotion of iBLUE project and its main deliverables. The action plan identifies and proposes a wide range of promotion activities, which covers diverse iBLUE project results and addresses a wide range of beneficiaries. The document defines the main aims and goals of the promotion plan. Thus, the main aim of this activity plan is to inform and engage relevant stakeholders about iBLUE outcomes and in addition, raise awareness about the benefits of iBLUE project and other valuable outputs. Especially among: 

  • policy makers;·        
  • business representatives;
  • representatives of the research community.

The promotion plan identifies a wide range of different target groups and focuses on the value proposition delivered to different target groups.

Possible target groups are policy makers and governance at EU, national and regional levels, business actors (innovators, entrepreneurs and managers), and researchers and academia. The activity plan then proposes the main promotion channel/tools and promotion activities in relation to outputs, target users and promotion channels. The activity plan concludes with a representative table encompassing detailed description of each promotion activity at the end of it.


For the core delivery of iBLUE transferability protocol, the design of the transferring activity has entailed a previous step of definition of policy protocol in order to provide guidance for policy makers for the innovative sustainable growth. In the second step, the plan for results portability our goals are focused on:

  • To identify possibilities of how to raise awareness of iBLUE project and its main deliverables;
  • To structure and specify the target audience that might use, engage in and further co-create the various output;
  • To propose how to mobilize stakeholder in the process of implementation of innovative sustainable business models;
  • To propose activities how to engage with various stakeholder to gain insights and further to update, add and participate in order to ensure that project outcome would outlast the project life;
  • To set the expected impact of each activity, and partners involved in its implementation;
  • To define how effectiveness of promotion activities will be monitored. 

With the proposal of various follow-up activities, we should have in mind an important limitation, which refers to resources available to perform the promotion activities (in terms of budget allocated to specific promotion activities; e.g. advertising, production of video material, etc.) and time on disposal. Therefore, it is crucial for the success of the promotional activities (the awareness and diffusion of the project results/outcomes) to identify those that will have the possibility of being continued also after the end of the project and rest on the specific interest of different stakeholders or other identified strategic partners. In such way, this project would endure and become resilient after being officially ended and not having more resources to maintain its progress.

For more detail about the list of the main promotion channel or tools and the main promotional activities applied during iBLUE project, please see the Deliverable “Plan for results portability”.