University of Udine

University of Udine is an Italian Public University with legal personality founded in 1978. The University has scientific, educational, organizational and financial autonomy but is governed by public law.

The University of Udine participates in several international networks and has extensive experience and skills in the coordination and operational project management of international projects in both public and private sectors. It operates through the departments and is equipped with technical and administrative staff with legal and economic expertise. The scientific activities are developed by departments with the support of the Office of Research and Technology Transfer, which manages the activities of fundraising, by managing complex projects, protecting intellectual property and transferring research results to the territory. 

Uniud is the coordinator of several research projects at both national (PRIN, FISR, FIRB and others) and international (EU 2020, EU FP VII, Eu-India Cross Cultural Programme, Edulink, Interreg) level. It coordinates 40% of Italian projects funded by the EU Tempus with the Balkan countries.

IBlue engages the Polytechnic Department of Engineering and Architecture and the Department of Economics and Statistics Science of University of Udine.

More information about the University of Udine is available on its website (www.uniud.it).