University of Primorska

The University of Primorska (UP) was established in 2003. Its objectives are to generate and to transmit new knowledge based on research and innovations, and to contribute to the sustainable development of local and wider Central European, South-Eastern European and Mediterranean area.

The iBLUE project will be implemented by the Faculty of Management (FM) and Faculty of Tourism Studies – Turistica (FTŠ). UP FM is a higher education institution for education and research in the fields of social sciences and business management. In addition to education and research, the basic activities of the faculty are providing consultancy to companies and other organisations, publishing and organising of international conferences. 

UP FTŠ is the only faculty of tourism in Slovenia that offers multi-disciplinary teaching and research of tourism and educates human resources for high-quality planning, management and an excellent tourism offer.


More information about the University of Primorska (UP) is available on its website (www.upr.si/en)