Scientific Work Package Studying Final version method

The main objectives of the Work Package (WP) Studying were:

  1. To develop a 3-Pillar Business Model (3-PBM) methodology;
  2. To collect tools, methods and approaches for the application of business models (BM) oriented towards the 3 pillars of sustainability (economic, environmental and social) suitable for enterprises in the yachting sector, in the Mediterranean area;

Thanks to the hard work, implication and continued feedback of all partners, the final version of the methodology has been developed. This will be crucial in the future actions for the support, analysis and reconfiguration of SME BM in the yachting sector, in a series of pilot actions in the next WP.

The outputs are as follows:

  1. Scientific Coordination - Creation of a guideline document to manage WP3 activities.
  2. State of the art analysis of Business Model Innovation - Literature review of scientific articles to analyse the current situation of BMI. 
  3. Database of Med area yachting and maritime tourism sector - Collection of best practices about yachting and data about yachting in MED area to create a database of Med area yachting SMEs
  4. Development of 3-PBM methodology - Initial and revised version of 3-PBM methodology for BMI in Yachting Sector SMEs and guidelines for methodology application
  5. Development of sustainability indicators - The creation of a list of sustainability indicators and a sustainability indicators system
  6. Refinement of the 3-PBM methodology after technical feedback - The revision of the 3-PBM methodology.

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